Corey Martin


I have been the poor kid, the wealthy guy, the sorriest excuse, the best example, the average joe, the one to know, the sinner, the saint, and no matter what position I was in one thing never changed. I always want to be better tomorrow than I am today. My life experiences have shaped me to guide anyone at any stage of their life or career on how to become better tomorrow no matter the person they are today. 

Inside the Innovator​

Corey Martin is a devoted husband, loving father, and innovative businessman that has built up the empire he refers to as the Martin Presence Group. We are taking a look into the long road to success and the work ethic that keeps him winning. 

Q: What was your first job? 

    A: My first job was helping my dad install flooring. Although, I believe I have been helping at least pick up scraps since I could walk!

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a business owner?  

    A: When I was 13, I started buying and selling horses. My brother and I would look for and buy horses that were neglected or high-spirited  and then break them. We would ride them for hours upon hours, turning them into the gentlest horses that anyone, including kids, could handle. After learning how there were many people who were fond of horses but were timid to break one of their own, I decided that we would take the fear-factor out of the equation by taming these horses to where literally anyone could ride. A $200 horse suddenly became worth $1000 and more, and then I realized I loved doing this. At the time I didn't know what business I may have, but I knew I could take something no one else dared to approach and turn it into a moneymaker. 

Q: Will you ever stop building your business?

    A: No! With every dollar I make and project I finish I look for more opportunities. The most exciting part of business for me is the build-up, growth and challenge to take nothing and turn it into something. 

Q: Tell us about your Monopoly collection. How does it affect your business goals?

 A: LOL! I have never been very sentimental about anything, nor what one would call a collector. In fact, my Monopoly collection started by accident. I loved the game, and then people started getting me different, fun editions as gifts. Now, I have become addicted to collecting as many as I can! My wife and daughters gave me a new idea for my collection that I am currently working on-- a supersized Monopoly board of my own properties and businesses! I add on to it with every new deal. 

Q: Have you achieved what you envisioned all those years ago?

A: I have completely surpassed what I envisioned at a young age. What I envision for the future now changes every single day, with every dollar and every project. The true spirit of an entrepreneur for me is to set a vision most would consider impossible, conquer it, and then repeat the cycle again. 

Q: What would you say has gotten you through difficult times and the ups and downs of Martin Presence?

A: Faith, Family, and Determination. As much as I would love to think I have it all figured out, I don't. There have been times I was so low and desperate I didn't know what step to take next. Only by the grace of God and the support and encouragement of my wife and girls was I able to get back on track to have a shot at the next opportunity. I do love what I do, but my biggest motivator is the prayer that my girls see that nothing is impossible with faith, family, and determination. 

My Resume

Martin P​resence Property Management

Martin Presence Property Management was established in 2010 and now services the maintenance management for hundreds of clients and properties

The Rental Association

The Rental Association currently manages approximately 900 units of assets valued at over $50,000,000. It was formed by the merger and acquisition of Dawn Allen and Corey Martin in 2019.

Proper Interest

Proper Interest was established in 2007 to begin to purchase investment properties mostly for long term rental income. 

Corey The Coach

Corey The Coach was established in 2018 and serves a variety of clients in the business and educational world. 

Fairy YardFathers

Fairy YardFathers was established in 2019 to provide lawn care services to both commercial and residential clients. 

Swept and Cleaned

Swept and Cleaned was established in 2019 and offers services such as junk removal, trash outs, dumpster rentals, in addition to janitorial services for a variety of commercial and residential clients. 

Transaction Possibilities

Transaction Possibilities was established in 2018 to offer their clients a hub of resources in order to give them the best possible scenario to grow and maintain their business.

Erdaco Investments 

Erdaco Investments was established in 2021 to acquire properties for investment flips and rental income.