✨GLOWUP✨ in Grambling

✨GLOWUP✨ in Grambling

20.07.23 01:33 PM By Audrey

How Our Team is Working to Renovate Stadium View Apartments

     After many years of management, Corey Martin sealed the deal on the ownership of Grambling's Stadium View Apartments. It's location and competitive rent rate naturally attracts not only new and existing GSU students, but also single moms, newlyweds, retirees, and anyone else looking for a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom steal. However, the Martin Presence Group agreed that it was time for a makeover. So, with this new ownership, Corey Martin and his team are working on giving Stadium View Apartments the glowup of a lifetime! 

    Projects on the agenda include a fresh coat of paint to make the buildings stand out even more than they already do! Then, to bring a little light on the subject, new light fixtures will be installed down each walkway. As far as new features go, they are working on possibly adding a fun, convenient picnic area in the center of the buildings, and maybe even a dog park for the fur babies to run around. Inside the apartments, you can look forward to new paint, new flooring, new appliances, updated kitchens, and much more. I can't wait to see the end result!