Summer Workation 

Summer Workation 

17.08.23 02:00 PM By Audrey

Rest? Who does that around here?

The summer months may be a time of rest and relaxation for many, but for Corey Martin and the Martin Presence Group, this is one of their busiest time of the year! While many families are laying out at the pool, Martin and his team work to make as many properties ready as possible before the start of a new school year. May through August list is filled with laborious lawn care in scorching, disgusting trash outs, fresh paints and updates, and other tiring routine maintenance. 

Louisiana Tech’s influx of new students and new families creates a shortage of available homes–and to make those available Corey Martin works incredibly hard and doesn’t ease up. With their unwavering work ethic, the Martin Presence Group makes sure to have their properties in tip top shape and back-to-school ready! Many properties are truly a fixer-upper, but “good enough” is not in Martin’s vocabulary. So, as the summer break comes to a close, the next wave of tasks for the Martin Presence Group opens.